Rossella Fuggetta began developing her knowledge of fashion worldwide even before she took her Master Degree in Fashion Styling at the famed Marangoni Fashion School in Milan. She began work in the retail sector in Rome as retail manager and Visual Merchandiser, before moving to New York where she further refined her visual merchandising skills.
Moving back to Europe she worked as a Sales Agent in top Milan and London showrooms. This experience taught her a lot about designers' collections, trends, and the ways in which buyers select products for different countries . Another pivotal moment in her development was her post as Fashion Stylist Assistant Fashion Editor at G.Q. Magazine. This key position was fundamental for her sensitivity to fashion as a form of personality communication, and it brought her into contact with important names in the field.
She worked at the Look Now model agency in Milan, as a booker and gained valuable on-the-job insights working as a stylist with renowned fashion photographers in Milan.
She received her licence as an Image Consultant, Colour and Style Analyst in London at a recognised training provider in Image Consultancy.
With a decade's experience in the industry, she has decided to create RF Rossella Fuggetta, an independent personal shopping and image consultancy agency.
Rossella Fuggetta is uniquely skilled in helping people who are keen to enhance their personal style, and likewise in enabling individuals to develop their look.
Apart from her specialist knowledge, she possesses the natural talents that make a personal styling and shopping experience rewarding and efficient. Sensitivity. An eye for perfection. Italian, with the natural Italian fashion flair. Fluent English, because she spent much time in the United States, and currently lives between the UK and Italy. And above all, enthusiasm and passion in applying the best that fashion has to offer to each individual person.