RF will ask you to compile a personal style questionnaire to provide as much information as possible on your style personality, your lifestyle, your environment at work and during leisure, and your current dress codes. The objective is to understand the sort of image you would like to achive, so that a look suited to your daily life can be developed.
Contact RF via email or phone to arrange a preliminary, no obligation meeting to talk about your requirements and objectives. RF will provide you with detailed information, about its flexible services in order to create the right consultation package for your requirements, your budget and time resources, offering a professional but informal and friendly response, with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of image consultancy. Your wishes will be borne in mind at all times, and the assignment will be treated with total confidentiality. RF takes pride in the quality of its service, and this is enhanced by its post-assignment follow-up. RF will contact you to evaluate success of the activities performed and for your guidance and assistance.
This service generates a comprehensive analysis of your current style. You may already have your own personal style, and you may like to retain most or all of this, while just enhancing it. If you so decide, work will be performed exclusively on the existing style, updating it by tweaking and restyling. If you want a complete change in your look, you have to think together with RF about the sort of image you would like to achieve. Your desire to change style may reflect changes in personality or in lifestyle. RF will talk to you about how your image can reflect your new personality, or how a new appearance can help you modify your lifestyle. RF will provide practical advice, demonstrating the changes blow by blow. It may be useful if you identify a fashion reference figure, or even a period of fashion, that particularly appeals to you, so that elements suitable for incorporation into your own personal style can be chosen. RF will analyze your body shape to talk about the styles that work for it, excluding those that don’t. RF will identify the clothing styles that enhance your plus points, concealing any aspects that you would prefer to hide. Effects of optical illusion can be used in order to give an optimum balance to the shape and size of your body. This part of the consultation includes personal details and measurements. Remember that whatever your age, shape or size, you can look and feel stunning
RF uses Colour Analysis to identify a range of hues for your clothes, ensuring that they harmonize with your natural colours: skin, hair and eyes. Often, people wear the colours that they like. But their personal choices many not always correspond to those that are most appropriate for them. Because every person has a unique complexion and eye colour, some colours enhance luminosity and give an air of radiance and wellness, while others will have the opposite effect. The physical and physiological properties of colour can generate negative effects on appearance, modifying skin colour and facial structure, revealing blemishes, casting shadows in the wrong places and highlighting wrinkling. Conversely, wearing the correct colours can make your skin glow and eyes sparkle, giving greater definition to the positive features of body structure, and reducing your visual age. By means of optical illusions, colour can make you look slimmer, or taller. The process involves using a selection of drapes to highlight the strength of your undertone, depth and clarity of your colour profile.At the end of this session, RF will show you colours that you had never previously considered, together with ideal ways of using them. A pocket colour-swatch containing personalized colour combinations will be chosen for you. This will be invaluable for future shopping trips with RF. RF will recommend professional make-up and hair style sessions to produce a sparkling look that complements your new image.


Reviewing your wardrobe is a fundamental preparatory step in optimizing the results of the Personal Shopping Trip.  For the Wardrobe Styling session itself, which is ideally performed a couple of weeks before the Personal Shopping Trip, RF will visit you at your home. The first stage is a discussion of your current style in order to understand your garment purchasing history. This is followed by a thorough audit of your existing wardrobe, which will help you appreciate the changes gradually implemented by the service. Every item is examined and considered to determine its suitability. At this stage, you will be asked to try on the things that seem unsuitable for your shape and characteristics, to show you exactly what is not successful, and why, to ensure that each garment fits well, and that its size, shape and colour are appropriate.
It is then possible to start eliminating all the garments that have exceeded their useful life along with items that do not fit or are inappropriately cut with respect to body shape and those that are of inadequate quality. Clothing that reflects fashions of the past can also be removed, and likewise an excess of items that all say virtually the same thing. Making space in your wardrobe makes it easier to allow new clothes to be integrated. You will not be forced to throw away anything you want to keep. You can simply consider the possibility. In accordance with the image proposed for you, RF will streamline your wardrobe, helping you in actually removing items that you agree can be eliminated, preparing for their consignment to charitable organizations or will organise an on-line sale.
A Wardrobe Styling session with RF doesn’t mean throwing out everything you already own. Not everyone needs a completely new wardrobe. Some items may be fine as they are. Others may need a little alteration or repair. Certain classic garments don’t date, and other vintage gems need just a little attention to give them a sparkling new look. RF will recommend the best Tailoring service. Will concentrate on clothing that needs to be enhanced, and will reorganize the wardrobe, re-coordinating it to develop a series of essential outfits providing you with sufficient choice according to the season and the occasion, such as business, leisure, sports and so forth. RF will give your wardrobe a new clarity and logic, making it more manageable, maximizing the wearability of what you already have, generating variety, and increasing your choice of outfits.Often RF’s customers are surprised to discover how many complete outfits can be put together without having to go shopping at all! What may seem like a heap of unwearable garments to you may provide the material for some successful new outfits in the hands of RF.
After having completely emptied the wardrobe you can evaluate its conditions. Is it in good shape? Is there any need for repairs? Do the spaces division system suit your needs? With an empty wardrobe it will be a lot easier to reorganize, repair, hanging hooks, replace rods, or change the storage system. It is important to check whether there is enough space in the wardrobe for all the clothes and accessories that require storage or for all those that you plan to buy in order to create the correct layout and amount of space. To keep more clothes and accessories compared to the available space means that the wardrobe will always be untidy. Interior designer chosen by RF for you, will come to visit you at home along with RF to help you create storage space solutions. They will design a rational and sophisticated wardrobe especially for you, created to contain, order, protect and give value to every garment and accessory, free from predefined schemes, able to fully integrate with the architecture and design of your home.
By the end of the Wardrobe Styling session, RF will have determined where there are definite gaps. This effectively produces your shopping list. The retailers best suited to your style will be listed so that the necessary items can be sourced rapidly. On your shopping day. RF assist in purchasing the garments needed to complete your new look.  RF will supply you with a Personal Style Guide. This contains photographs of the outfits created by RF a form of easy reference that helps you remember how to dress for all occasions. It also provides size conversion tables, details on your measurements, fashion tips, wardrobe maintenance schedules, and shopping lists for future purchases.


RF organises customised Personal Shopping Trips in two of the world’s most important fashion centres, Milan and London, as well as in other cities such as Rome and Florence. RF have all the local, first-hand knowledge of the finest locations, the top luxury stores, and smaller specialist boutiques away from the tourist areas. With RF shopping becomes a pleasurable transformation journey, with all sources of potential stress removed. That means no more wandering aimlessly around the shops, no more arriving at a place only to find they have the garment you have been looking for, but your size is out of stock: RF know exactly where the clothes you need can be found so you will be able to relax and be truly pampered, as RF will look after all the work, all the thinking and running around. During your Personal Shopping Trip, RF will help you steer clear of unsuitable items, discouraging unfavourable purchasing habits.
The Colour Analysis, the Style Analysis and the Wardrobe Styling Session are preliminary to the Personal Shopping Trip. With the information collected from these initial sessions followed by intensive research, RF will know how best to advise your purchases to ensure maximum value for money and the most efficient use of the time spent together. If you wish to arrange a Personal Shopping Trip without the preliminary consultations, RF suggest that, careful preparation for the trip is essential in order to determine what you would like to accomplish from it.  To this end, RF will arrange a meeting with you before the Personal Shopping Trip day, or alternatively the programme for the day can be discussed by telephone. On this occasion, you can inform RF of any special requests that you may have: in fact, RF can book flights, chauffeur-driven cars, make bookings in exclusive restaurants, and organize hotel accommodation.
RF will dedicate time to pre-empt the shopping trip with a personal recce and to research your brief fully, then planning a detailed itinerary for you. On the day itself, you will be picked up either at a pre-arranged location, usually at the hotel or accommodation you are staying at, or you will meet directly at a convenient point in the shopping area which RF will target for you. RF have arrangements with selected shops in order to reserve fitting rooms, working in cooperation with sales assistants who will set the shop up according to RF's instructions. Once you arrive for your appointment, a preselection of items will be already streamlined and assembled for you, so that time will be used more on trying clothes on, than going from one shop to another. You simply enter the fitting room where all the outfits are already waiting to be tried on. RF encourage you to try on items of clothing as it can be an enriching, eye opening experience and helps you to expand your range of possibilities in terms of the styles, shades and fabrics that suit you. RF will change the garments that do not satisfy you, get sales assistants to run around, gather and bring you different sizes and alternatives so that you never have to leave the fitting room. Clothes that do not suit you will be excluded from the final selection, which in any case requires your approval.


Travel booking

Hotel accomodation

Chauffeur - driven car

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Tailoring for alterations

Delivery of purchases to your hotel or to another address

"Hidden Jewels"

If you prefer the more discreet, hidden jewels, and unfamiliar addresses, RF will guide you to finding truly unique clothes and accessories from unknown designers that you'd never find in the city where you live. Enjoy an exclusive tour to the secret boutiques in all sorts of districts of Milan, Rome, Florence and the London boroughs. In many cases, these places are outside the usual shopping areas and so you will see some “alternative” areas of town!

"Alta Moda" shopping.

Fashion houses use the label "Alta Moda" to describe the process of making a bespoke article to fit your body shape perfectly. There is no better way to purchase an exclusive garment, and there are only very few Alta Moda designers working today. If this type of shopping appeals to you, RF can identify the best Alta Moda House for the task in hand.

Private previews.

Most fashion houses have a showroom where the next season’s products are presented, and in which, after the major sales campaign, private sample collection sales are organized, for buyers and privileged clients. Personal invitations are essential, and for some showrooms, RF can enable you to participate in these exclusive events.

Shopping when stores are closed.

If you prefer to shop outside normal opening hours, there are a few stores that will still do business – behind closed doors – at unconventional times, but only for the most important customers… RF’s clients, of course.
After the Personal Shopping Trip, you can arrange for a Post Personal Shopping Trip & Look Book Session. This final consultation with RF enables you to see how the new garments work together and complement the rest of your new wardrobe. RF will create a digital album containing photographs of the items and accessories purchased, and the ways in which they can be mixed and coordinated. You will be able to browse through your digital album on your computer or any mobile device.