So you are a mother-to-be? That’s fantastic! During this unique stage in your life, you will feel a lot of excitement, along with the awkwardness caused by the changes in the body that are totally out of your control. In a few weeks, none of the clothes in your cherished wardrobe will fit! You don’t want to forget that you are still an attractive, vibrant woman. Of course you need maternity wear, but you would like to look as smart and fashionable as you always do. There is no way that you are going to spend the coming months in tracksuits or your husband’s shirts. Neither do you want to wear the hideous, low-quality clothes with unflattering styles. Maternity garments do not necessarily have to be drab and dull. RF can help you positively enjoy your newly found curves with clothes that are not just comfortable, but stylish, suggesting the right outfits for any occasion. RF can present you all the brands creating collections especially for maternity, and in addition all the non maternity clothes that work well together, making you even prouder of your bump and encouraging you to not to try to conceal it.

Baby Clothes advisory service

A new baby calls for a huge number of clothes. RF can provide useful advice on what is needed, so that you can avoid needless purchases and optimize your budget. During a preliminary meeting, RF will talk to you about your requirements, and compile a shopping list of recommended Clothes.

9th month and Post Maternity

From the 9th month to post-maternity a woman needs to glide through her pregnancy and the following months. It’s time to celebrate with a new wardrobe!

The RF Wedding service is designed to make you look your very best and feel very special indeed on your wedding day. The positive emotions will never vanish from all the photographs of your wedding day. RF recommends the best photographers specializing in weddings. RF has the experience to give you the style that you are searching for, whatever your choice for the occasion: a traditional wedding, a less formal celebration, with a look of chic simplicity, sweeping and dramatic poise, or sumptuous regality.
Let RF reduce the stress of the event by assisting you to shop and ensuring that the most important aspects are taken care of, so that the occasion becomes a real-life fairy tale.
While your wedding day is a unique milestone, there are all sorts of wedding dress styles.
A wedding dress is the most significant and exhilarating item of clothing that you will ever purchase. The style that suits you best is the first question to be solved in the process of wedding day planning.
The right one will be different for every bride. It may be a ball gown, mini dress, smart suit, trouser suit, slip dress, simple dress, fancy dress, jacket and dress or even just a bikini. Accessories may be a veil or a tiara, big hat, feathers, rosebuds, or full length gloves. Footwear could be high heels, smart shoes, or thongs.
RF will provide help in finding the ideal wedding dress by identifying the styles, cuts and fabrics that suit you best, then studying which silhouettes and elements – sleeves, waist, neck, veils and headpieces – complement your shape and personality. RF will supervise the first fitting and organize successive appointments and alterations. RF can help you choose dreamy wedding night lingerie that enhances your beauty in and out of your wedding dress.
The shopping list does not end here.
RF can help you focus on everything that is needed, from the wardrobe for the wedding itself, to what you will need on your honeymoon.

Personal Wedding Colour

Whether you want to walk down the aisle wearing traditional white or colour, you need to be sure of choosing a personal shade that will set off your natural allure and make you look and feel radiant and glowing. While the colour that you have in mind may be white, remember that there is a whole world of white! Let RF identify and select the best tone – white, cream, ivory – for you.

Maid of Honour, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids and Guests

After having defined your ideal colour, RF will coordinate the shades of colour worn by maid of honour, bridesmaids, your mother, and all the important participants of your party, so that all the hues around you highlight and complement you, and the overall look of this occasion is one of perfect harmony.
Don’t forget mothers’ importance on this momentous ceremony. They must have the chance to express their pride by looking glowing. RF will help them, too, in finding a stunning outfit, whether it is by having this made or by thoughtfully sourcing a traditional or contemporary dress. If required, RF’s services can be extended also to the guests. If you are a guest, and you want to be an outstanding personality in the happy crowd – while not upstaging the bride – RF can help you to choose the ideal style, whether warm and elegant or cool and chic.

Groom, Best Man and Usher

Whatever the mood given to your wedding, the RF Wedding service ensures that the style and colour scheme is also extended to the groom and complements him too . The groom has to feel comfortable, and that means that his clothes must be perfectly suited to his shape and natural style. RF can also dress best man and ushers for the occasion. The RF Wedding service will professionally style you for your great day, also recommending make-up artists and hair styl ists specializing in weddings.
With RF Virtual Personal Shopping services, you no longer need to spend an entire day scouring the Internet, and wonder if that shirt, trousers, etc. will go well with your accessories or other pieces. RF organises Virtual Personal Shopping Trips to guide you in discovering the most exclusive and specialized shops on line and e-commerce website RF will  effectively determine  your shopping list. The retailers best suited to your style will be listed after meticulous research on the internet. RF will create a virtual shopping itinerary based on your specific needs.
Togheter with RF , in the comfort of your own home, you will browse clothes and accessories in the right colours, cuts and style for you,  selected and combined by RF,  so that you can simply click to buy. RF can arrange for a selection of outfits and accessory products to be delivered to your home or wherever you prefer. When your items have arrived  RF can organize a Private Fitting in your own home. You will be able to try everything on in total privacy, experiment with different clothes and accessories styles, discuss the outfits with RF until those perfectly suited to you have been identified.
Anything you don't want will simply be returned or replaced with different items. The service is also available during evening hours from 5 pm to 11pm.
RF offers its services exclusively tailored for kids, teenage girls and boys, and young adults. Children also have to update their wardrobe, find out which colours and shapes are right for them or maybe they just need an outfit for a special event. RF knows the right retailers specialized in clothing for kids and teenage.
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This service has been designed to make your life easier. RF's exclusive sale-on-approval agreement with a whole series of fashion designers, boutiques and retail stores means that RF can arrange for a selection of outfits and accessory products to be delivered directly to your home,or any location that you prefer, where you can try everything on, discuss the outfits with RF, make the changes required and choose at will. Anything you don't want will simply be returned Subscribing to the service you will enjoy the freedom to ask RF to shop for all sorts of things on your behalf. Let RF know what you are looking for and your price bracket: the process will start from there. RF will endeavour to source and deliver the items you are looking for, whatever they may be, at whatever time, and wherever you want them. An ideal service if you have little time, or would like expert assistance in choosing a gift. RF can suggest ideas if you need inspiration to come up with the ideal gift or are looking for something out of the ordinary.
RF has purchased a wide selection of gifts.

These are just some of the events and occurrences for which you can  commission to shop:

Wedding lists
Mother's Day
St. Valentines Day
Back to work
New job
Corporate Promotions
Leaving Parties
Just Because!

Say it with flowers.

There are moments when flowers are the most eloquent message. RF will arrange for an exquisite bouquet to be delivered on the day requested.

Automatic/occasional card delivery.

Receiving a card with the right message, whether amusing, enchanting, passionate or sensitive, makes a special person's day absolutely unforgettable. RF can pick a card on your behalf, or deliver the card of your choice. This can be an occasional service, or an ongoing solution, following a calendar with all the anniversaries, birthdays and events that you do not want to forget. Bespoke cards can be personalized as required.

Gift Vouchers.

Surprise a special person with an unusual and original gift.These vouchers enable anyone to use RF's unique services whenever they want. Find out more about them on the Gift Vouchers section.
Giving with style is a rare pleasure for both the giver and the receiver. Now you can go even further: give style, with an RF Gift Voucher. An original and particularly stylish gift- idea, a true luxury for whoever it is - even if you're just spoiling yourself. Wouldn’t it be perfect to show to that special someone who has everything that you have dedicated real thought to finding something out of the ordinary? Don’t miss this chance to change the life of a loved one. It is also a good way of expressing your good wishes to a person who is about to start a new stage in their life. Just contact RF to choose which consultancy services you would like to offer as a gift. RF will suggest a bespoke package that suits your requirements and a personalized Gift Voucher will be printed, smartly presented with your chosen message in a special card and envelope. The result is the ideal customized gift, ready for delivery either to you if you prefer to hand it to the recipient yourself, or directly to the person in question, on the required date. The recipient can schedule dates convenient for him or herself on which to actually use the services, in accordance with RF’s availability. The Gift Voucher can comprise any combination of the RF' services.
Whenever you decide to commission RF's consultancy services, you will be asked whether you would like to open a subscription with RF. A subscription is a particularly practical system should you wish to use RF's services regularly and with a degree of continuity. There are no extra charges entailed in subscribing to RF. You have the possibility of opening a pre-paid account so that RF can provide consultancy immediately whenever you need it, and you can be sure of prompt and efficient service. Discounts are available, which vary according to the volume of services that you would like to pay for in advance, and for which RF will propose a session plan. You can also purchase a given number of hours, again with a discount when compared with standard rates. You have one year in which to use this consultancy time. Just contact RF to discover the benefits available, how to open your subscription and obtain your exclusive membership card.
Are you in need of a chic wardrobe for your next holiday trip abroad? Or is there a business trip coming up and you don't know what to pack and what to leave at home? RF can help you maximise the use of the outfits that you take with you, while minimizing the weight and volume of your luggage, by visiting you and assisting in making the right choice of garments from your wardrobe, in function of what you will be doing while you are away and the period of time that you will be travelling.
When going out for a first date you never know what to wear. You should not go overboard by dressing up or dressing down. We will create a look that will bring out your best physical and innermost qualities thorugh a complete makeover whether you are doing on-line dating or just meeting people at social events.
It can sometimes be maddeningly hard to purchase the season's latest fashion items - the things that you can't be seen without. RF can handle the situation, with its connections at all the high-end luxury boutiques, to make sure that all those "must haves" are safely in your possession.
What are you going to do with that lovely hat that you can't wear again because you have already worn it too many times? Or those stylish shoes that are still in mint condition because you discovered too late that they were just a little too small? Or that dress that just isn't your colour? You feel that they are too good to just give away. In this case, RF 's Internet Sale Sessions are the ideal answer. They are organised  for RF members only and will be performed by on line expert sellers.
It is surprising how many women are actually wearing a bra of incorrect size. You will look slimmer and shapelier, with a properly fitting bra, and it will also have positive effects on dress size and posture, giving you a more self-assured poise. RF 's experienced fitters are sensitive to a woman's hesitation about undressing and discovering her "right size". RF can organize a Private Fitting in your own home, with experienced fitters that will bring a comprehensive range of sumptuous lingerie. After the necessary measurements, you will be able to experiment with different bra styles until those perfectly suited to you have been identified. Alternatively, RF will accompany you to boutiques or showrooms for a bra fitting service there.