The way we dress determines how we see ourselves and the way other people see us. RF gives you new confidence in your appearance. A polished image instils a winning attitude. Looking the part is crucial for men, in work and leisure. There is no doubt that well-dressed men exude confidence and charismatic appeal. It is all too easy to fall back on the same conventional styles. Even those who are aware of the importance of style are often hard pushed to find the time to sharpen up their image. Some men do their shopping in a hurry, and then discover that they’ve bought clothes that don’t fit properly, or are not the right shape or colour. With the extensive range of designers and styles available, deciding is difficult without sufficient time or expert advice. For others, shopping is an unwelcome, bewildering and difficult task. A common problem for professionals accustomed to smart wear is making the transition to casual outfits. Very often, men may delegate responsibility for their clothes style to their partners.
In a man’s career, appearance plays a fundamental role. On some occasions, individual flair may be more important, on others a corporate look, but in any case, personal appearance is often subjected to close examination and it therefore needs particular attention. The classic business "uniform" does not provide much opportunity for individual expression, and so for men it can become rather difficult to stand out from the crowd while retaining the necessary degree of conformity.The choice of the correct colours is even more important for men than it is for women. A woman always has the opportunity of using make-up to lift her features if she has opted for less than flattering garment colours.
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